The Beautiful Struggle

Eps. 87 “From High School Dropout & Cancer Survivor To Millionaire By Age 28″ w/ Issac Grace

May 31, 2021

What's going on guys, back at you with another podcast episode! On this episode, I have a very special guest on via Zoom. Our guest for today is Issac Grace!!!

It was a pleasure to have Issac on the podcast to share his testimony and share practical advice about building wealth in real estate!

From the streets, high school dropout, beating cancer Issac Grace had his fair share of struggle he's had to overcome in life. But despite going through all these struggles, he never allowed those to become excuses and he knew it would only make him stronger. By staying focus, having faith and surrounding himself with the correct people...Issac has made himself a millionaire by the age of 28 through real estate!

Tune in to this episode to hear his full story and please feel free to share this episode with one other person that needs to hear this.

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